The Science of Loneliness and Isolation during COVID-19
Sep 23, 2020 7:30 AM
ROBIN JOY MEYERS Molecular Geneticist,
The Science of Loneliness and Isolation during COVID-19

Life is full of transitions and challenges, but by being aware of what triggers our toxic, negative self-doubt and talk, We can shift and reset our mindset. Life is real and so is changing. To get through these changes you need to have the best relationship with the most important person which is YOU! Do you truly who you are? That’s a journey; not a destination.

Then we can look at life’s transitions and relationships in a healthy way and have real and raw conversations over adulting children, career changes, financial health, positive uncoupling, menopause, and more.

ALONE time is powerful, empowering, and mandatory. It’s your time to think about your visions and to turn them into actions.


Molecular Geneticist, FEAR Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Author
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