Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.
Membership in a Rotary club is by invitation. We welcome you to connect with our club if that's right for you.  At Potomac Rotary, we make it easy for you to get involved and on your way to becoming a proud Rotarian quickly.
  1. You express interest
Glad you are here on our website; If you like you can simply drop a line at to Let us know you’re interested in joining the Potomac Rotary club.  You can Join us for a breakfast on 1st & 3rd Wednesday or Happy Hour on 4th Wednesday and connect with our President, any of the board members or Membership chair in person.
  1. A Club representative contacts you
Once we receive your email, Our Membership chair will contact you by email or phone to discuss your interest in Rotary. You’ll be invited to get to know the club better by attending a club meeting, a social event, or even to join in on a service project as a volunteer.
  1. The club invites you to join
Now that we have spent some time together and determined that we’re a good fit for each other, you will be invited to join. Once you complete your membership application a 7-day letter is sent to the current membership.  If there is no objection from anyone in the current membership you will be approved for membership.  You will be sent an invoice for the Club dues etc. and A date for your induction ceremony where you are encouraged to invite your friends and family as well.  A Past District Governor or another Senior member of the club will formally induct you into the club.
  1. You’re a member!
Enjoy getting involved in your new club as a Rotary member. Get involved.  Join a committee. Lead a service project. Organize a social event. Lead and contribute to your new club.  Remember just like anything else, you get out of your membership in proportion to what you put in. 
Below is a link to our Membership Orientation file, please go through that as it will provide you with further details about the Potomac club and Rotary Membership, dues and other details.  Feel free to complete the Membership Application and bring it with you and join us next Wednesday.